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Ministry of the Week

Ministry of the Week

John and Dasia Abramovich / Bible Centered Ministries International Poland

Just like in the US, the residents of Poland have been greatly affected by Covid-19. Churches, schools and

businesses have been closed. Summer camps in person have been cancelled. BUT, the Word of God is

spreading in great ways through the internet. Churches are having greater attendance online, and with people

from different countries worshiping together. Weekly Bible studies with adults and with teens and young adults

have required John to do much preparation, and have produced much fruit. Dasia is directing the preparation

of materials for the MED (Polish Christian Association – Love Education Maturity) summer camps which reach

campers from various age groups and backgrounds. Previously a total of six camps were held between June

30-August 6. Three camps ministered to children ages 8-12. Two teen camps offered English immersion and

rock climbing courses. The sixth camp ministers to mentally handicapped young people, the only such Christian camp in Poland.Praises – John’s eyesight is stable. — Their US Passports have been received in the US Consulate in Krakow. — Good friend Peter is almost fully recovered after being pulled unconscious from the water after a kayak accident. Prayer Requests — Continued growth of the “church” online and soon in person. — Safe travels to pick up

the passports. — Connections for John in the US to assist with renewing his US driver’s license; with Social

Security for advice in Medicare application; with a person in the Health Insurance industry to help with

choosing the best Medicare/supplemental insurance in their situation.

(Please contact Sheryl Markley if you can offer contact information)

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John and Dasia Abramovich / Ul.Wisianski 128 / 43-430 Hatbulowica, Poland /

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