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Ministry of the Week

Michael and Isabel Huffman / Istanbul, Turkey

For the last month and half the Huffmans have been sheltering in their home in Istanbul.

Their routines continue to include home-schooling for 2 of their 3 children, teaching

online, and serving their neighbors and friends. They’ve created a space on their balcony

for their kids to play. Children under the age of 17 and adults over 65 are not allowed to be outside on the

street. Isabel has been busy sending encouraging notes to people God sets in her heart. She, along with her 2 daughters, made cookies to give to their local supermarket workers who have worked 11-12 hour shifts. Michael continues to teach Ethics, Comparative Religions and Middle School Bible online.

In the mornings the Huffmans like to read the Bible together. They are studying the life of Christ with a book of simple Gospel stories. Questions are asked from their 5 and 6 year olds. “Why can’t I see God?” “Is he here right now?” “What are the names of God?” This question arises from Mika’s closet friend at school who comes from a devout Muslim family. Mika has been eager to share with others at her school stories about Jesus. She is beginning to realize that her faith is different from what her friend and teachers at school believe.

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