Lay Shepherds Ministry, Inc.

The Lay Shepherd Ministry was officially restarted in June of 2016 after having been part of our ministry here at First Presbyterian Church for many years. A Leadership group of four began meeting to rebuild the ministry in October of 2015 and met monthly for six months. 

The first order of business was to get a vision. Through prayer, listening to God and discussion it became clear to us what God wanted to accomplish with the Lay Shepherd Ministry.

Our Vision: Equip Lay Shepherds to partner with the Pastoral Staff and the Congregational Care Team to provide Support, Encouragement, Care and Love to each member of the Congregation.

Nine Lay Shepherds were equipped in May. In June they went before the congregation, were blessed, prayed for and sent to serve their flocks. They were given a pin that reflects what a Lay Shepherd is and what he or she does. 

  • Shepherd Staff: Pastoral Care – Shepherd the Flock … I Peter 5:2
  • Cross: Faith in Jesus Christ – Jesus is Lord … Romans 10:9
  • Flame: The Holy Spirit – Be filled with the Spirit … Eph. 5:18
  • Person: The Joyful Shepherd – Serve the Lord with gladness … Psalm 100:2