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The Value of Together

FPC has encouraged small group ministry for decades, so many of our long-time members can attest to the value of studying the Bible—and sharing life—together. As we prepare to read The Story, all of us are strongly being urged to find a “life group” to join, because the benefits are many.

What’s going to happen as we start The Story in the weeks ahead?

Each week, following Sunday’s sermon about a chapter of the book, we will meet in smaller gatherings to see a video about the lesson and to discuss the material that we have prepared in advance. We’ll be digging deeper into what we’ve heard and read, considering how God is speaking to us. The insights we gather will be from a group effort, not taught by the group facilitators. (Those who will be leading the groups were not selected because they have great knowledge of the Bible or know all the answers to all the questions! They were chosen because of their willingness to serve and their commitment to this project. Their job is to assure that everyone gets a chance to talk, everyone feels comfortable and valued, and that discussions stay on topic.) Once members of a group know each other, we will be able to voice our thoughts and question together freely, to dig deeper to hear what God is saying, to see the application to our own lives. We will feel free to share concerns and pray for one another. With God’s help, we will become “life groups,” sharing our lives and the life of Christ together.

People in groups like this make deep—and sometimes new— friendships. Perhaps most importantly, they have accountability to one another to prepare and to participate. All of us work harder when we’re accountable to someone else, and that is certainly true of participating in The Story. The more we put into this study of God’s Word, the more we will get from it.

Those planning this project have tried to create as many groups as possible, including a zoom group. A Sunday morning session will be held each week for people that prefer that time, or that need to make up a lesson they missed in another group they usually attend.

We are calling our new groups “life groups” because of the depth of the experience we hope everyone will share. Reading The Story can be life-changing, for each of us personally, and collectively for this church we love.

If you have not signed up for a life group, please do it on September 19!
Everyone will be receiving a free hard-back copy of The Story

on September 26. More details about our plans for The Story will appear in Infusion next week.

Mask Policy update:

In accordance with the New Jersey Governor’s Order 242, dated May 25, 2021, all previous FPC COVID Policies are rescinded. The following policy is in effect as of this date:


At FPC, our commitment has always been to respect and follow the state mandated policies regarding Covid restrictions.  Given the Governor's latest changes, we will no longer require the use of masks for indoor or outdoor worship.  Masks are still recommended (not required) for those who have not been vaccinated.  As per the Governor's orders, children will still be required to wear masks.  We will ease this restriction in accordance with local school policies.  We request that all people continue to be respectful toward those who wish to show caution and remain distanced from others.  Of course, we recommend everyone continue to practice strong hygiene habits and to stay home if you are sick.


We are so excited to see your smiling faces and hear your beautiful voices raised in worship this Sunday and beyond.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Session or FPC staff.


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