Indoor worship beginning 11/29


When people visit churches they consider many things—teaching, music, age groups, children's and youth ministries, opportunities to serve. What you might be looking for may be dramatically different from the person next to you—or it could be exactly the same. 


At First Presbyterian Church of Mount Holly, one thing remains consistent: we strive to be the kind of church God intended—a community of believers called to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.  

Our congregation spans many generations, and people at every stage of faith. We welcome those seeking God and his truths, regardless of their questions, their baggage or their experiences. Whatever you're looking for, you mean something to God, and therefore, you mean something to us. You're always welcome here. 

Celebrations that Suit the Season

Our celebration last Sunday of Rick and Celeste Hamiltons ministry at FPC was a glorious one—the weather behaved, the food was fabulous (and abundant), the love in the air was tangible. We can give a heartfelt thanks to Rick and Celeste for all they have given us over the decades, and to many people who made the party a beautiful celebration of the family of God.

The party was also a great way to finish our season of outside worship… and now its time to head indoors.

Worshipers who have not been with us before during Advent may be surprised at how absolutely beautiful our historic sanctuary looks, decorated in a traditional Williamsburg style—lots of greenery and candles that go wonderfully with our dark beams and wooden pews. It is a joyful and worshipful place to be as we await the birthday celebration of Jesus.

This year, with all the isolation and anxiety of the pandemic, many people have put up their personal Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, perhaps hoping for a little more cheer as we face life with so much pandemic stress. Stores always have their holiday look early, but this year it didnt seem such a sacrilege—most of us need all the encouragement to be cheerful that we can get!

But its time for a reality check! Our joy—real joy—doesnt come from any decorations or fabulous dinners or family get- togethers, no matter how much we take delight in them. We celebrate the birth of a king—THE KING of KINGS—and the joy of that truth far exceeds any other.

A month from now, as we prepare for our family Christmas celebrations, we might be asked again to alter our plans for the sake of our community and our own safety. With the pandemic raging, its not out of the question that we will be asked to again make some sacrifice. Perhaps this is a time to rethink our usual plans and strive to make them a little more God-honoring than the usual lights and tinsel and overeating. Maybe this is a year to start a family tradition that involves more giving—to people who are genuinely in need—and less getting.

For years weve been encouraged to ask the question What would Jesus do?” when we face a decision.  Heres a challenge: How would Jesus like us to celebrate his birthday? How would he like us to honor him as we remember his birth in this time when so many are suffering?

We can enjoy the beauty—and warmth--of our sanctuary this Advent, and perhaps together we can reflect in a deeper way about the very best ways to honor our Savior, especially in the midst of a pandemic.