When people visit churches they consider many things—teaching, music, age groups, children's and youth ministries, opportunities to serve. What you might be looking for may be dramatically different from the person next to you—or it could be exactly the same. 


At First Presbyterian Church of Mount Holly, one thing remains consistent: we strive to be the kind of church God intended—a community of believers called to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.  

Our congregation spans many generations, and people at every stage of faith. We welcome those seeking God and his truths, regardless of their questions, their baggage or their experiences. Whatever you're looking for, you mean something to God, and therefore, you mean something to us. You're always welcome here. 

Becoming connected

Built Into One...

Last Sunday in worship, we sang the song Cornerstone,” a reminder of the One on whom our faith, our life, our church is built. The weeks Wednesday Bible study had a similar theme: we Christians are living stones” being built into one spiritual house, resting on our cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

This is a timely message for days of world crises. What does it means to rest on Jesus as our cornerstone? What does it mean to truly be reconciled to one another as Christians?

Of course, the present turmoil of our world is not unique. The apostles wrote to a society just as fragmented, to a church that was seriously divided. Those early Christians needed to be taught who they were, just as we need to be reminded of who we are.

We are the family of God, living stones,” united by Gods grace so that there should be no divisions based on politics, race, gender, ethnicity, or economic status. We connect to one another and stand together on our Cornerstone as a living testimony to show the world what it means to be one in Christ. As a family, we share life together in a rich and meaningful way.

This Sunday, January 24, we have events to share. Our first Pathways group begins, for interested attenders to deepen their relationship with FPC. (If you missed signing up for this one, registration for more groups will be available in the weeks ahead.) The second event is the installation of Paul Zazzo as our pastor. Representatives of Heritage Presbytery of our denomination ECO, friends, and family will meet today at 4 pm to officially install Paul—and celebrate—in his role at FPC.

Despite the pandemic, our church family will continue to provide ways to help everyone connect—social events (on Zoom until we can meet together again), Bible studies, new small groups (forming later this year), and service projects. 

And, by Gods grace, we will continue through turbulent days ahead to demonstrate to all the world that we are Christians….by our love!