Worship With us In Person or online!

FPC family,

We have decided to continue with our outdoor worship as long as the weather cooperates. While we now have a plan in place to return to the sanctuary, we know that there are some people who will need to go back to worshiping online once we move inside. We are going to be making a final decision each Saturday afternoon whether or not worship will be inside or outdoors the following day. We will be communicating this decision by email, posting it in on the website, and posting it on Facebook. Please make sure to check these before coming to worship, so you know what to expect. 


We appreciate your grace and flexibility as we navigate these uncertain times. We are trying our best to make people feel safe and comfortable.


Below, you will find our plan for returning indoors, so you know what to expect on Sundays when worship is inside. You will also find our plan for the Children’s worship which will begin again on Sunday October 25th. Children’s worship will take place each week inside regardless of whether worship is taking place indoors or outdoors.


We will be notifying you on Saturday for the plan for this Sunday. Thank you in advance for your patience!


Blessings, FPC staff

Some things you should know when we will worship indoors:

Actions Taken to Meet State Reopening Requirements

 Masks or other facial coverings are required at all times when in the building and when within 6 feet of non-family members on the property. Children younger than 2 years of age, or anyone who has trouble breathing and cannot wear a mask should not attend in- person services until all restrictions can be safely lifted.

 Entrance to the building will be through the rear door, exit from the sanctuary will be through the main door, the door directly leading to Garden Street, or the door leading out of the chapel.

Overflow space will be available in Fellowship Hall if we exceed capacity in the sanctuary, chapel and choir loft.

Hosts and Greeters will oversee movement within the building before and after worship services to make sure all guidelines are followed.

Every other row of pews will be closed off, and tape will divide useable pews into 6 foot sections to provide proper social distancing.

The passing of the peace will be eliminated as part of the order of worship.

Infrared non-touch thermometers will be used for checking temperatures of those entering for worship.

Non-touch hand sanitizer units will be placed conveniently at entrances and exits, as well as in other locations within the building.

Disposable masks will be given to those entering without their own.

An atomizer spray disinfectant fogger will be used after each service to clean and disinfect surfaces

Precautions Being Taken Regarding Shared Objects & Surfaces

 Worship aids, hymnals, Bibles, bulletins, or other items that multiple people might touch will be removed from spaces attendees occupy. Projection of Scripture, song lyrics, etc. will be used whenever possible. Bulletins will be available on the website and for single touch pick up prior to the service,

 Regularly touched objects or surfaces will be disinfected after each use.

Instructions for alternative methods for receiving tithes and offerings will be given.No money or checks should be exchanged in person.

Kids Ministry Reopening Plan:

Dear Parents and Guardians, 


            I am so excited to announce that with the move back inside comes the reopening of Children’s Worship, in our new Children’s area. With reopening comes new safety measures and protocols to meet the CDC recommendations, and additional safety protocols and procedures to keep our children safe. Children who are attending Children’s Worship will be dropped off at the children’s worship space right when they arrive. We will be implementing a new digital check-in system in which parents will drop off their child and check them in, receiving 2 sticker tags; one for their child and one for themselves. At the time of pick up the child will only be released to the matching sticker tag. We will be checking temperatures at the time of check-in and be requiring masks and social distancing. If you are not ready to return to Children’s Worship; activity pages will still be available for our families. Our team have truly missed our time with your children and are looking forward to our time together.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me; at 609-864-4950 of hbuntingfpc@gmail.com.




Haley Bunting

Children’s Ministry Reopening guidelines:



Volunteers and Children must wear masks while in the building. We will have disposable masks available if needed. 


Foot Traffic:

We ask that families follow the designated route to limit crowded hallways.


Check In: 

Children and Volunteers will be checked into children’s worship, at the time of check in they will have their temperature checked.


Temperature Checks:

Volunteers or Children who have a fever of 100.40 or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted and will be asked to go home. We encourage parents to be on the alert for signs of illness in their children and to keep them home when they are sick. 


Social Distancing: 

Children will have assigned seating and spaces to ensure 6 ft social distancing. Children with siblings may sit with one another if desired. Volunteers will be diligent with helping to keep children distanced and staying distanced from others.

Hand Sanitizer: 

Hand Sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the worship space and available in the room. Children and volunteers will use the sanitizer upon entry and exiting of the room and as needed.




Children will be assigned a pencil box of supplies that they will use weekly. There will be no sharing of supplies.


Sick Children:

We ask that parents monitor children’s symptoms before arriving on Sunday and keep children home when they are sick. In the case that a child begins to show symptoms during children’s worship the child will be removed and put in a designated room, their parents will be contacted, and we will ask for them to pick their child up. 



All surfaces will be disinfected frequently, and we will disinfect the room with an atomizer spray mist disinfectant fogger machine to clean and disinfect surfaces



If COVID-19 is Confirmed in a child or staff member:

The CDC recommends that we: 

    • Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the areas.
    • Wait up to 24 hours or as long as possible before you clean or disinfect to allow respiratory droplets to settle before cleaning and disinfecting.
    • Clean and disinfect all areas used by the person who is sick, such as offices, bathrooms, and common areas.
    • If more than 7 days have passed since the person who is sick visited or used the facility, additional cleaning and disinfection is not necessary.
      • Continue routine cleaning and disinfection.
  • If Covid case if confirmed, we ask that you immediately contact the church 
  • All parents of children and volunteers who came in contact with the Covid positive child will be contacted as soon as possible, we will be using our new check in system to ensure that you will be contacted.