Our goal with Adult Sunday School is to provide a core curriculum that can be completed in three years that will establish a firm foundation of knowledge and practice for all who desire to follow Jesus, from the first time seeker to the lifelong learner. No young adult is too young and no senior is too old. No one of us can say that we do not know enough or, the opposite, we have no more to learn. Courses can be taken in any order, and no previous theological or Biblical knowledge is required. All you need is a desire to know the one true God who loves you and has an amazing plan for your life!


Adult ClassEs

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  • Theology isn’t just for pastors—it’s for every Christian. We can’t live the truth without really knowing what the truth is, as revealed by God to us in Scripture.

    In R. C. Sproul’s Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, we find an accessible, practical, and relevant study of our God and our faith. The great truths that we need to grasp are discussed in short chapters, and every session includes listening and discussing, allowing truths of scripture to permeate our lives and actions.

    Dave  and Karen Jarrett, who have successfully used this material previously, will facilitate this course at FPC.

  • The Bethel Bible Course is a survey of the Old and New Testaments that will supplement what we have learned in The Story, adding many details of the overall scriptural narrative of God’s plan for his people. Using pictures to help students remember the main concepts of the lesson, we get a deeper look at God’s intention to bless his people so that we can be a blessing to all the earth.

    Bethel has been successfully used at FPC in the past for the enrichment of our Biblical understanding. Judy Kipp, an experienced Bethel teacher, will facilitate this course.

  • Christian Life and Practice consists of two integrated units of study. Soul Shaping, based on the book by that name by Douglas J. Rumford, equips believers to connect with Christ’s abundant life, to empower believers to enjoy spiritual vitality as they “move from good intentions to rewarding practice.” The second unit, Life Shaping, applies the principles of this vitality to the practical challenges of life.

    Rick Carter, Elsie Nicolette, Amber Susek, and Paul Zazzo will all be helping to facilitate this course.

Children and Youth

Children will be split up into age-appropriate classes to study the Bible using the Gospel Project curriculum for kids. Sunday school is where kids will dive deep into the big story of the Bible - God's plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ and systematically go through the scriptures. A light snack will be provided.

Junior and Senior high youth will be meeting weekly to study the Bible using the Gospel Project curriculum that is geared for youth. They will learn the essential truths of scripture, be encouraged to ask tough questions about what Christians believe, and become equipped about how to study the Bible on their own.